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1st day 10/04/1999 Pescara Technical tests: we have baptised the cage
2nd day 11/04/1999 Pescara Technical tests:we have tried out the video camera connected to a monitor on board
3rd day 17/04/1999 In the Harbour of Pescara Weather conditions prevented us from putting out of sea
4th day 18/04/1999 In the Harbour of Pescara Technical tests: testing of the satellite equipment
5th day 24/04/1999 At sea Technical tests: beginning of a long 'pasture'
6th day 25/04/1999 At sea Technical tests: the first E-mail on the high sea
7th day 8/05/1999 At sea In the middle of a highway
8th day 9/05/1999 At sea Bye bye Pescara
9th day 11/05/1999 Gallipoli Arrival in Gallipoli
10th day 12/05/1999 Gallipoli Getting ready to set sail

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