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Journal of the sixth day on board

25th April, 1999

00:10 a.m. Recchi logs onto the Internet and reads the E-mail thanks to 'Inmarsat mini-M', a third-generation telephone put at our disposal by Telecom. We are having the first satellite contact of the expedition.

3:20 a.m. We have been "pasturing" for 14 hours without a break: Now the swell is up and Aldebaran, with its engine low, is being pushed along on the crest of the waves.
Diego and Marida who have been pasturing on a water level platform for the last three hours. They are completely wet and smell atrociously.
A cold wind is "sweeping" the bridge and is whistling through the meshing of the anti-shark cage.The radio is forecasting a storm. We return to land.

To carry out our task we really need a calm sea, weak current and good visibility.
If not, on water, everything can turn out in vain and become a useless waste of energies.
On the other hand if Mission Sharks expedition was supposed to be easy it would be lasting only 10 and not 100 days!

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Calm after the storm in the harbour of Pescara

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