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Journal of the fourth day on board

18th April, 1999

We take advantage of the bad weather to focus on learning and using the satellite equipment provided to us by Telecom italia, i.e. radio-maritime services during this "pre-expedition" phase.

During this expedition sophisticated technologies will allow us to talk by phone, to send and receive faxes and e-mail, as well as to take part in "chat forums" wherever we are.

scotty.jpg (3656 byte)    L'unità mobile di videoconferenza SCOTTY

The most recent invention is a small futuristic carrying case through which we shall be able to speak and see each other on screen. Well, although this exploration at sea is foremost a naturalist adventure, indeed a treasure hunt without precedent, we shall try to take advantage of every discovery, chance meeting and opportunity. Most of all we shall do our best to remain in touch those interested in watching sharks on the monitor.

A reminder that the real expedition will start in the middle of May. Follow us.

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