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Journal of the seventh day on board

8th May, 1999

We have been feeding the sea for nine hours on the border with Croatian waters, one of the richest spots for fish in the Adriatic.
What did we see?
Simona Clo' in a cage and two small medusas (jellyfishes).

In this area ships cross the sea continuously and stopping here is as dangerous as being in the middle of a highway. Some nights ago an 80-ton fishing boat was opened like a "wafer biscuit" by a merchant ship. Big ships need miles to stop and most times they don't intend to. A small ship like ours must, therefore, be careful not to be in the same path as these giants.
We came to this area as it is well known that sharks follow the path of the ships, which, like itinerant dustbins, discharge rubbish in the waters, but 9 hours feeding hasn't been enough.


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