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Journal of the eightyseventh day on board

28th July, 1999

 See you again on the 31 August.

Mission Sharks has turned around the buoy with the end of this second phase of the expedition. Here are a few of my reflections:

It is possible to look for, find and film sharks in the Mediterranean. The mission to encounter living sharks in the water and without capturing them has been achieved.
The weather dictates to a great extent the number and success of the any encounter with a shark. We didn't have much luck. Of the 3 months of the expedition, around 2 months were spent in port, stopped by bad weather. In the 2 weeks of calm sea, we were able to film interesting stories and situations and not just about sharks; also sea mammals, turtles and tuna.
The Media demonstrated a big interest in Mission Sharks. Whole pages were dedicated to us in the most important national dailies and on the main weekly magazines. Also television with TG1, TG2 and TG3 followed the expedition.
The collaboration with the various Port Authorities Coast Guard - has been invaluable for the whole trip. Also the technological contribution by Telecom the Maritime radio service - has allowed the transmission of images and data via satellite, allowing us to make 4 short items for the programme 'Quark' on RAI UNO.

Mission Sharks will now have a breather for a few days before setting off again on the 20th August again from Lampedusa. The technology will be new, untested, but will allow me a greater mobility in the sea, even if I'll have a few more nerves. In the next instalment I will be lavished with information but for now I would like to thank the General Commander of the Port Captains and Telecom for the help they are continuing to offer me.

I am very positive. I hope the sea will be calm and I can't wait to start again.

PS. The on board Journal will continue with additions every 10 days. The first will be the 31st August. Buon Ferragosto and arrivederci.

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