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Journal of the eightyfifth day on board

26th July, 1999

The names for each species of sharks seem to be one of the most suggestive things about them. Each region has their own names for them not excluding every town and every fisherman. It would be beautiful if it wasn't so difficult to understand. At the practical level it’s chaos.

The answer? The Latin names. Of course it's complicated and perhaps serves better the professional expert, but it works, even abroad. It's also a question of habit. Many animals are described, unknowingly, with their Latin name, such as the orango or the barracuda.

Going back to the Journal of yesterday, these are a few of the species in the lens of Mission Sharks.

Prionace glauca – Carcharodon carcharias – Isurus oxyrinchus – Lamna nasus

And what does that mean?

Here is the translation taken from the book 'Sharks' (Piero and Alberto Angela and him below – ediz. Mondadori).

Prionace glauca - Blue shark
Carcharodon carcharias - Great White shark
Isurus oxyrinchus - Mako

Lamna nasus - Emery

PS. I have received many communications about the fact that this book is sold out in many places. One shop that does stock it is the bookshop 'del Mare' at Rome – tel. 06/3612091 fax 06/36090889

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